How to Use iMessage on Android Phone

Have you recently ported from an iDevice to an Android device and now looking for a way to use iMessage on Android? Or have your friends told you about iMessage, and you wanted to try it out your Android phone? Either way, this post is written for you.

The iMessage is really a wonderful app; you would love it if you ever used it. But since it’s restricted to iOS, it doesn’t work on Android. Nevertheless, you can bend corners and make it work on your Android phone.

How to Use iMessage on Android Phones

Although there are a couple of apps that can allow you to use iMessage on Android phones, the app that appears to make sense the most is weMessage. The app makes it easy to chat with anyone using the original Apple’s iMessage, and the good things about the app are that it has nearly all the important features of the real iMessage.

weMessage supports attachments, built-in-video player, web browser, read receipts, contact block, big emoji message, notification and other important features on iMessage.  Here is how to use iMessage on Android phones through weMessage.

iMessage on Android

Note: you will be needing a Mac and an iMessage account to perform some of the following steps

  • Download weMessage on Play Store
  • Download weServer app to your Mac
  • Edit your Mac’s Security & Privacy settings to install the weServer app (this is needed since you can’t download the app from the Apple Store)
  • Launch the installed weServer app and follow the instruction to set it up
  • On your Android phone, launch the weMessage app, and sign in with your email, IP address, and password, and start enjoying iMessage through weMessage
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In essence, the weServer turns your Mac into a server that relays iMessage to weMessage. It manages the communication between iMessage and weMessage.

The only concern now is the fact that Apple isn’t always happy with apps that turn Mac into a server and relay messages to other OS. Apps that have done that in the past reached the wrath of the company and were blocked; hopefully, this app wouldn’t be blocked, too.

Alternative Way to Use Use iMessage on Android Phones

Aside from weMessage and the weServer app, an alternative way to use iMessage on Android phones is through another app called SMS for iMessage App (iChat). The only downside of this app is that, as a free user, you are only allowed to send up to 5 messages in a day. You will need to upgrade to the pro version to do more.

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The app works like the weMessage, but it doesn’t require you installing a server app on the Mac. To use iMessage on Android phones through SMS for iMessage App (iChat), you need to install the app on your phone and create an account.

After creating the account, you need to add the account to the iMessage app on your Mac, and that’s all – you can start using iMessage on your Android phone.

Both weMessage (and its Server) and SMS for iMessage App (iChat) are the surest ways to use iMessage on Android phones at the moment. You should use the one that works best for you.

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