Ecobank Internet Banking Registration & How to Check Ecobank Account Balance Online

Banking through USSD is now very popular, but it isn’t the only way of banking without physically visiting the bank. One can also do banking over the internet – through mobile app and internet banking portal. This post is about internet banking, though; it is about Ecobank Internet Banking registration, transferring money online, and how to check Ecobank account balance online.

So, in case the Ecobank USSD codes fail, or you don’t want to bother yourself memorising codes, you have another option to do your banking, without steeping in the banking hall. In essence, this post will show you how to use Ecobank Internet Banking.

Ecobank Internet Banking Registration

Ecobank Internet Banking Registration

Like every internet or online platform that requires being a user, the Ecobank Internet Banking requires you to register for the first time before usage. You have two options for your Ecobank Internet Banking registration: you can either do the registration on the online portal or walk into the nearest Ecobank branch. At the end of the registration, you will be given a unique ID and password.

The ID and the password will be your login information to access the internet banking portal and do online banking – you can even check your Ecobank account balance online through the portal.

Here is how to do Ecobank Internet Banking registration online

  • Visit
  • On the web page, select your country from the drop-down option – you should select Nigeria, definitely
  • Then select Activate an Ecobank Product
  • On the next page, select Internet Banking
  • Then select the Nigerian State in which you open your Ecobank account
  • Then supply your 10-digit account number. Endeavour to supply your account number in the appropriate field (i.e. supply the number in the savings account field if the account is a savings account, and in the current account field if the account is a current account)
  • Then select the name of the Ecobank branch in which you open the account. If you can’t remember the branch’s name, don’t select anything
  • On the next page, you will be requested to supply your personal details – supply the details
  • The next page requests for your contact details – supply the details
  • After you have finished filling all the required information for the Ecobank Internet Banking registration, download and print the request form

You can now take the printed form to nearest Ecobank branch for submission. The login details for the internet banking will be created and sent to your email.

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That’s how to do Ecobank Internet Banking registration online. At the same time, instead of doing the registration online, you can visit the bank and request for the internet banking registration form. You can then fill the form in the bank and submit it. The login details will be sent to your email, too.

Once your login details are delivered to your email, you can get started with the Ecobank Internet Banking.

Now let me take you through Ecobank money transfer through the internet banking and how to check Ecobank account balance online

Ecobank Money Transfer through the Internet Banking

Whether you wanted to transfer money or check Ecobank account balance online, you will be doing it via the Ecobank iBank Portal. The portal’s address is “”; so transfer money from your account, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Ecobank iBank Portal (i.e.
  2. Enter the ID sent to your email
  3. Enter the password to the ID
  4. Select In-Country Transfer
  5. Choose the Ecobank account you wanted the money to be transferred from
  6. Then enter the account details of the money receiver
  7. Enter the amount you wanted to transfer
  8. Complete the extra details
  9. Verify the details you have entered and confirm the transaction
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How to Check Ecobank Account Balance Online

To check Ecobank account balance online, you will still need to login to the iBank Portal. The steps are as follow:

  • Follow step 1 – 3 above
  • Then select Account Summary – and your balance will be displayed

When you check Ecobank account balance online through the iBank Portal, you have the option to check the balance in other currencies. To see your balance in other currencies, select the currency of choice in the drop-down menu.

If you want to find out more details about your account information, then click on the account name – and you would see details of transactions.

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