Download Windows 10 Launcher for Android Phone

Windows 10 is a classic operating system for the computer, with crystal clear graphics, awesome icons, and fantastic feel. Because of these elements of the OS, some Android phone owners love to download the Android Windows APK – the Windows 10 Launcher for Android phone

Android Windows APK
Windows 10 Launcher for Android Phone

This is possible became the Android OS supports customization of its users interphase, without having to port a different OS. So, with the Android Windows APK, you can make your phone look like a Windows Phone or a computer. And with the Windows 10 Launcher for Android phone, you can make your friends believe your phone is advanced, running both Windows OS and Android OS.

But of course, you definitely know that your phone remains an Android phone, which runs APK file format – not CAB or EXE.

Another wonderful thing about this launcher is that it can also be used on Android tablet devices. After downloading and installing the launcher for your Android tablet, if it doesn’t fit it well, you can go to the grid settings to customize the look of the Android Windows APK Launcher to adjust to the screen size.

Shared Features of Android Windows APK and the Original Windows OS for PC

After downloading and installing the Windows 10 Launcher for Android phone, you would discover that the launcher and the standard computer operating system share some features. Here are the shared features.

  • Recycle Bin
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On the standard Android OS and UI, recycle bin isn’t available, but with the Android Windows APK, your Android phone would have a recycle bin like the one on a computer. The bin would keep your deleted files until you finally empty them – just like on a computer.

  • Windows Style App Management

Just as the computer’s OS has a Start Menu, the Android Windows APK also has a Start Menu, whose design resembles that of the computer, and you tap on it to open the menu or close it. Other shared features related to the Start Menu include taskbar (with the ability to pin favourite or recently use apps), Action Center (which serves as notifications in Windows style), and Mail.

  • Quick Settings

The Windows Quick Settings is also available to the Android Windows APK. And with the settings, you can turn on or off your Android phone WiFi, Airplane mode, flash, auto-rotate, as well as adjust the screen brightness. You can use the Quick Settings features of the Windows 10 Launcher for Android phone to kill tasks, too.

Main features of Android Windows APK

Now that you know the shared features between the Android version of the launcher and the standard computer OS, here are the main features of the Windows 10 Launcher for Android phone.

  • Start Menu and style tiles display
  • Easy navigation
  • Support for File Explorer to share file between computer and Android phone
  • Shortcut supported
  • Ability to create, cut, copy, move, share and paste folders
  • PC appearance of your SD Card, drive, file, picture, videos and other files
  • Ability to put files in the recycle bin and then permanently delete later
  • Ability to unzip file without having to install third-party zip extractor
  • And more
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How to Download Windows 10 Launcher for Android Phone

Before you can download and use the launcher on your phone, make sure your phone has Android 4.4 and above. With that requirement met, download the app through this link.

The Android Windows APK was published 2018-01-18, and it is currently at version 1.0; the file’s size is 10.5MB.

Once you have downloaded the launcher, install it and set it as the default launcher – and experience the feeling of using a Windows OS on your phone.

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