TSTV Channel List, Frequency, Price, and Where to Buy TSTV Decoder

If you have logged on to Twitter, Facebook, and Nairaland in recent days, you would have come across TSTV. People have been saying a lot of things about the soon-to-be-launched satellite television. So if you are looking to know what TSTV is all about, you are at the right place. In this post, I will be giving you the general information about the satellite television, its channel list, subscription (bouquet) price, and where to buy TSTV decoder.

TSTV price where to buy TSTV decoder

What You Need to Know About TSTV

TSTV doesn’t stand for Taraba State Television, as someone jokingly tweeted. It stands for Telecom Satellite Television, and it is an initiative that will bring premium television contents to Nigeria, through a partnership between ABS, a European-based television service, and TSTV Africa. And as a result of this partnership, TSTV frequency will be distributed by the ABS-3 satellite.

Now you may be thinking, “What is so special about TSTV?” “Don’t we already have satellite televisions in the country?” Yes, we already have DSTV, GoTV, Startime, and other less popular satellite TVs. However, the fascinating thing about TSTV is that it brings an offer likened to that of telecom service providers.

I mean it allows pay-as-you-view. Unlike the satellite televisions already in the market, which run on monthly subscriptions that run out after 30 days whether you turn on your decoder or not, TSTV allows you to pay only when you view. And besides, there is also a room for daily and weekly subscriptions, which are as cheap as NGN200 and NGN750 respectively.

In fact, the highest TSTV bouquet costs NGN3,000 only, and you will be able to watch quality premium contents like EPL, La Liga, Seria A, French League, among others. The satellite TV typically allows you to watch almost all premium contents that DSTV serves, including popular news channels, cartoon channels, music channels, and religion channels.

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Without further ado, let me go into the details about the TSTV decoder, the channel list, the bouquets, and where to buy TSTV decoder in your area.

TSTV Decoder

The satellite television comes with a decoder and a satellite dish, and interestingly, the TSTV decoder also doubles as a hotspot, coming with data up to 20GB. To make it even more interesting, the TSTV decoder can be used for video conference call, and it has a storage capacity of 500GB, which can be used to record programmes and view them later.

TSTV decoder price (plus the satellite dish) costs NGN5,000 only.  Below are the channels you will see on the decoder.

TSTV Channels

The TSTV Nigeria channels are over 200, ranging from Sports channels to Kid channels to Religion channels to Health channels to Entertainment channels to Movie channels, among other channels.

Full TSTV Channel List

TSTV Sports Channels

  • Star Sports
  • Fox Sports
  • Euro Sports News
  • Euro Sports 2
  • Kwese Free Sports
  • Kwese ESPN
  • MS Extreme
  • Bein Sports MAX 4HD
  • Bein Sports 3HD
  • Bein Sports Global
  • Bein Sports MAX (Bein Sports 1-10)
  • TS Sports 4 HD
  • TS Sports 2
  • TS Sports 3
  • Yolo Sports HD

TSTV News Channels

  • BBC America
  • CNBC
  • Aljazeera
  • BBC Radio 2
  • TVC News
  • United States of America Embassy
  • Sky News
  • Arewa24
  • AIT
  • Core TV News
  • France 24
  • CCTV News
  • Channels TV
  • Bloomberg TV
  • DW
  • Fox News
  • TRT World
  • Press TV
  • NTA
  • Arise News
  • TV360 Nigeria

TSTV Kiddies Channels

  • Nickelodeon
  • CN Cartoon Network
  • Disney Channel
  • Boing
  • Jimjam
  • Baby TV
  • Panda Biggs

TSTV Movies Channels

  • Star Movies
  • MBC action
  • MBC 2
  • African Movie channel series
  • Liberty Tv
  • MBC Bollywood
  • Wazobia TV
  • Wap Tv
  • Viasat TV
  • Fine Living
  • Fox
  • Fox Life
  • Investigation Discovery
  • MBC4
  • Mbox HD
  • PCTV
  • Star Gold TV
  • Nollywood TV
  • Z Cinema
  • E Entertainment
  • Ben Bridging The Gap
  • BET
  • TS Novella
  • TS Movies HD
  • TS Series
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TSTV Religion Channels

  • Dove Television
  • Emmanuel TV
  • Sunna Tv
  • Mountain of Fire And Miracle Ministeries
  • EWTN
  • TBN Network

TSTV Music Channels

  • Trace Urban/Africa
  • MTV Base
  • TLC (HD)
  • DSTV Versus TSTV

Other TSTV Channels

  • Discovery Channel
  • Nat Geo Gold
  • AD
  • National Geography Channel
  • Discovery Health TV
  • Fashion One
  • AHTV

TSTV African Channels

  • Riwa Ndu TV
  • TS Hausa
  • TS Igbo
  • TS Yoruba

If you are thinking that it is too good to be true for TSTV to have all these channels, and its decoder costs NGN5,000 only, then the TSTV subscription plans would sweep you off your feet. See the official TSTV subscription plans (Bouquets) below.

TSTV (Bouquet) Subscription Plans

TSTV Bouquet Prices (NGN) Data Allocated
TSTV Monthly Bouquet 3,00010GbB
TSTV 2-week Bouquet1,500 5GB
TSTV 10-day Bouquet1,000 3GB
TSTV weekly Bouquet 750 2GB
TSTV 3-day Bouquet500 1GB
TSTV Daily Bouquet 200 500MB

Where to Buy TSTV

If you are now convinced that TSTV is the real deal, you will surely be thinking of where to buy TSTV decoder in your location. The satellite TV hasn’t yet launched, but it will, come October 1 our independence day. After the TSTV launch date of October 1, the decoder and satellite dish will be available for purchase from assigned dealers across the country.

What’s your say on the TSTV decoder and its offers? Will you be dumping your DSTV and GoTV for the new satellite television?

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