How to Subscribe to [Etisalat] 9Mobile Weekend Data Plan 2017

Like the 9Mobile night data plan, the 9Mobile weekend data plan (formerly called Etisalat weekend plan) is a good deal to consider, if you want to save more money from buying data.

It gives you access to data at a relatively cheap rate compared to the standard 9Mobile data plan, and it doesn’t stop there; the 9mobile weekend plan also presents added value in that some of its offers allow data usage during the weekdays (at night).

9mobile weekend data plan

Presented below are the offers available in the plan.

9Mobile Weekend Data Plan 2017 (formerly Etisalat Weekend Data Plan)

There are three available options in the 9Mobile weekend data plan. Two of the options not only work on weekends but also work on weekdays, at night from 7 PM – 7 AM. These two options last for 30 days but are costlier, compared to the third option, which only lasts for a weekend.

Details of the Three 9Mobile Weekend Data Plans

  1. 9Mobile 1GB Weekend Plan (formerly Etisalat 1GB Weekend Plan)

The 9Mobile 1GB weekend plan gives 1GB of data that are usable only on a weekend, from Friday 11:59 PM to Sunday 11:59 PM. The data plan costs NGN500 only, and as for the 9Mobile 1GB weekend plan code, it is *5995*2#.

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You must exhaust the data over the weekend, or else the data will expire.

  1. 9Mobile 2GB Evening & Weekend Plan

This 9mobile weekend plan is more flexible than the 9Mobile 1GB weekend plan. Aside from being able to be used on weekends, it also works on weekdays. It works from 7 PM to 7 AM during the weekdays, making it double as a form of a night plan.

The 9Mobile 2GB evening & weekend plan gives 2GB of data for NGN1,000, and its subscription code is *229*3*12#. Interestingly, the plan is valid for 30 days, meaning you can be sure of data access from 7 PM to 7 AM for 22 weekdays, and for 24 hours in 4 weekends (8 days).

  1. 9Mobile 5GB Evening & Weekend Plan

The 9Mobile 5GB evening & weekend plan is an upgrade to the 9Mobile 2GB evening & weekend plan. It shares the same benefits with the plan, only that it provides more data – and of course, it is the costliest of the weekend plan. The plan costs NGN2,000, and its subscription code is *229*3*13#.

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One added advantage of this 9Mobile weekend data plan is that it also gives you access to a dedicated 100MB of data for WhatsApp. And the good news is that the 100MB works for WhatsApp 24-7 for the whole validity period of 30 days of the plan.

There you have the three 9Mobile weekend data plan 2017 (or the new Etisalat weekend data plan). Choose the one you can afford or best suits your needs.

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