Panasonic’s moving fridge can walk up to you and serve you a drink

Technology is dreaming again, and this time, it is dreaming of a moving fridge, a fridge that can walk up to you and serve you drinks at a beck and call. So instead of having to go meet your fridge when you need something inside, the fridge will come meet you, where you are seated.

panasonic moving fridge

This idea of a moving fridge was presented by Panasonic at the IFA 2017, and by the conceptualization of the idea, the fridge wouldn’t use what you think – – a remote control; instead it would use a voice command so that when you say something like “bring me a banana,” the Panasonic’s Moving Fridge will walk to you and deliver the banana.

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Aside from being a moving fridge, reports also suggested that the Panasonic’s Moving Fridge will be able to recommend food to pair together for you. And since the world is going for smaller and smaller room space by the day, Panasonic planned to make the fridge to be small so that it can fit into small homes.

At present, the Panasonic’s Moving Fridge is still in theory; hopefully, it will become a reality one day, soon.

Let’s hear from you. Would you buy a moving fridge?

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