OLX shuts down in Nigeria

2017 and 2018 have not really been good years for tech startups in the country. Efritin shut down, Etisalat lost its license (changed to 9mobile and got sold) — Konga got sold, too. And as if we haven’t had enough, OLX has now also found itself running out of business in Nigeria.


Until it was shut down in Nigeria, OLX operates in more than 40 countries, connecting buyers to sellers who are interested in buy and selling old/new stuff. The only different about the OLX shut down issue is that the classified website isn’t shutting down only in Nigeria; it is shutting down in Ghana and Kenya, as well.

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Perhaps, the African marketplace isn’t easy to cope with for OLX.

The staff of the company in offices in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya are expected to stop working from March 2018. However, the news has it that OLX will continue to operate in South Africa.

Now that OLX and Efritin are out of business, Jiji Nigeria is now the only popular business know to be covering the classified listing industry in the country. Hopefully, the harsh economy in the country wouldn’t make them shut down, too.

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