Download OG YouTube 2018 APK on Your Android Phone

Ever want to download videos directly from YouTube or do any other things restricted on the largest video streaming website in the world? OG YouTube Download APK file would allow you do that. Aside from the advanced features not available on the YouTube Android app that this app has, the OG YouTube 2018 APK also has all the regular features of the standard YouTube app.

Another thing about the OG YouTube Download APK file that you would love when you download it is the fact that it can help you download audio (MP3) file. Let’s see some of the important features of the OG YouTube 2018 APK.

OG YouTube Download APK File
OG YouTube Download APK File

Features of OG YouTube Download APK File

You have already been hinted above about two awesome features of OG YouTube 2018 APK: that’s you can download videos directly to your Android phone and download video files in MP3 format. Now let me give you more features of the app.

  • Ability to Select Bit Rate Streaming of Any Kind

With the OG YouTube Download APK file, you have the option to streaming YouTube videos in any kind of bit rate you wanted. Also, the app has a high available bandwidth for downloading video contents.

  • Ability to Download Audio File in Different Formats

This feature has earlier been mentioned. With the OG YouTube 2018 APK, you can download any YouTube video directly as an audio file in any format you wanted such as MP3.

  • Ability to Download Multiple Videos at the same Time
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Most YouTube video downloader only allow you download one YouTube video at a time; however, with the OG YouTube Download APK file, you can download multiple YouTube videos at the same time without stress.

  • Ability to Play Videos in Background

In the standard YouTube Android app, it is not possible to for you play videos in the background, but with the OG YouTube 2018 APK, it is possible – this feature is regarded as the greatest feature of the OG YouTube Download APK file.

Running OG YouTube 2018 APK and the Original YouTube App

There is usually a problem when running an original app and a modded version of the same simultaneously. However, in the case of OG YouTube 2018 APK, there isn’t any problem installing the file with the original YouTube Android app.

After you might have installed the OG YouTube Download APK file, you would notice that the app creates it own OG mod folder, and all its relevant files and downloaded YouTube videos through the app are stored in it.

File Info of OG YouTube Download APK file

File Name: OG YouTube 2018 APK

Android Version: Android 4.0 and above

File Size: 41.07 MB

OG YouTube 2018 APK: Download File and Installation Guide

Here is the section you have been waiting for, the section where you get the direct download link to the app as well as how to install it. The file you would download here doesn’t have parsing error, and the app works flawlessly in as much your Android phone has version 4.0 and above.

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The OG YouTube Download APK file isn’t hosted Google Play Store because it is a modded file. So, for you to download it, you would have to go to a third-party website. Go to this link to download OG YouTube Download APK file. The file is hosted on MediaFire.

After you have downloaded the file, you would need to allows your Android phone able to install apps from unknown sources. To do that, go to your phone’s settings; then Privacy Settings, and then enable the Unkown sources option. The reason you are doing this is that by default, Android phones don’t allow application not downloaded from Plays Store to be installed on the phone.

That’s how to download the OG YouTube 2018 APK, and start enjoying its unique features not available to the standard YouTube Android app.

Disclaimer: The OG YouTube Download APK file isn’t hosted on this blog. It is hosted on a third-party website that might delete the file at discretion. If the file is deleted, let us know in the comment section below, so that we can update the link.  

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