How to Activate Android Chrome Browser Dark Theme (Night Mode)

If you are like me, then you do a lot browsing on your phone at night. This means you strain your eyes to see the web pages you are reading – but this isn’t good for your eyes. To minimize straining your eyes, if your preferred browser is Google Chrome, the way out is enabling Android Chrome browser dark theme, which activates the night mode Chrome Android functionality.

However, unlike on the Chrome browser for computer, which has countless extensions that can be installed to activate the night mode functionality, the Android version of the app doesn’t support installing extensions. But worry not if you want to enable Android Chrome browser dark theme – there is a way out beyond installing night mode extension.

Night Mode Chrome Android: Activate Android Chrome Browser Dark Theme

This post would talk about the two ways by which you can turn on night mode Chrome Android. The first way is through adjusting a setting in the Chrome Android browser itself; the second way requires installing a third-party Chrome browser. With either of the two ways, you can activate the Android Chrome browser dark theme and access web pages at night without straining your eyes.

Night Mode Chrome Android: The First Method

The first method of activating Android Chrome browser dark theme is by enabling simplified mode. In this mode, web contents are made to appear simple, with the ads and unnecessary Javascript stripped off the page. At the same time, it helps to activate night mode Chrome Android.

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Proceed with the following steps to enable the simplified mode

  • Launch the Chrome Android browser
  • Then tap on the three dots toward the top right corner
  • The tap on Settings
  • Then look for Accessibility
  • When you find Accessibility, tap on Simplified view. The view would be enabled
  • After that, go to any webpage and look out for the option named Show Simplified View at the bottom
  • Tap on the option, and the Simplified view would be opened
  • Once the Simplified view is open, tap on Settings again, and you would see the option named Appearance
  • Using the Appearance option you can activate night mode Chrome Android by increasing the intensity of Dark in the option. You can as well change Light, Sepia, and Font using the Appearance

Night Mode Chrome Android: The Downsides of the First Method

Although you would be able to activate Android Chrome browser dark theme and read web pages at night easily using the above method, there are some downsides about the method. This is because if you don’t switch your Chrome Android browser to the Simplified Mode, which stripped web pages of some functionality you wouldn’t be able to enable night mode Chrome Android.

If you are cool with the switch, the first method is perfect for you. If you want a better option to active Android Chrome browser dark theme, see the second method below.

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Night Mode Chrome Android: Use KiWi Chrome Browser

KiWi Chrome Browser is a Chrome-based browser that inherited some of the vital features of Chrome Android but at the same time has added features not available in the original Chrome browser. According to its developers, the browser runs on Google’s Blink Engine and Webkit, making it open web pages very fast.

Night Mode Chrome Android
KiWi Browser as Night Mode Chrome Android

When you download the KiWi Chrome Browser and use it to activate Android Chrome browser dark theme, you would notice that the browser isn’t different in user interphase than the original Chrome Android browser. And besides the ability of the browser to help you enable night mode Chrome Android, there is inbuilt ad block and data saver feature in the app.

Go to this link to download KiWi Chrome Browser, and install it. After installing the browser, just open the option and you would see the option named Turn on Night Mode.  Tap on the option to activate Android Chrome browser dark theme.

Those are the two easy ways to get night mode Chrome Android functionality. Check out the two and see the one you prefer.

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