MTN YouTube Subscription Code for MTN 1Hr & 3Hr-YouTube Data Plan

The MTN YouTube data plan is the latest addition to the MTN data plan; the plan was secretly introduced with no fanfare. In fact, the people that discovered the plan claimed they saw it while accessing the MTN’s *131# data portal in order to buy a data bundle.

The aim of this post is to present to you the MTN YouTube subscription code so that you can use the bundle to streaming and download videos on your favourite YouTube channels without depleting your regular data plan.

MTN YouTube Subscription Code: How to Subscribe to MTN YouTube Hourly Data Plan

The plan is available in two offers: the MTN 1hr-YouTube plan, which gives 750MB for 1 hour, and the MTN 3hr-YouTube plan, which gives 2.2GB for 3 hours.

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The MTN YouTube subscription code for the 1-hour plan is *131*8*1#, and as for the 3-hour plan, the subscription code is *131*8*2#.

MTN Youtube subscription code

In case you want to access the portal of the MTN YouTube data plan, dial *131*8#, and to check the data balance of the plan, dial *559*18#.

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