How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone XS Max, XS and XR

Battery percentage isn’t showing on the new release iPhone XS Max, XS and XR – only heaven knows the reason Apple did that. Out of the surprises expected on the phone, nobody expected that. But worry not, if you buy the any of the phones and want to know how to show battery percentage of iPhone XS Max, XS and XR, this post is for you.

how to show battery percentage of iPhone XS Max, XS and XR

Why You Need to Know How To Show Battery Percentage Of iPhone XS Max, XS And XR

We all know that notch is the new “innovation” in the smartphone market, with many flagship phones sporting it. On the iPhone XS Max, XS and XR, there is a notch, which serves as a house to many of the sensors that come with the phone – including the popular Face ID sensor used in locking and unlocking the phones.

The notch also carries the camera, which is centrally located to facilitate easy selfie, but unfortunately, Apple gave no space for the battery percentage. So, if you are someone that likes tracking the level of her battery, you need to know how to show battery percentage of iPhone XS Max, XS and XR. You wouldn’t want your phone’s battery to just drop dead without you know that the battery is low.

The Battery Sign Is Still on the Phones

It is not that Apple 100% hid the battery from the owners of the phones. On the new phones’ home screen, there is a digital clock at the left-hand corner, while the cellular, WiFi signal and the battery icon are clustered together on the right-hand top corner of the phone.

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Because of the way the cellular, WiFi signal, and battery icon were arranged together, there is no room for the battery percentage to show; thus the reason to know how to show battery percentage of iPhone XS Max, XS and XR.  The battery icon is only present as a graphical icon, which can only be used to estimate the level of the battery and not the actual percentage.

Also, because of the cluster arrange, the name of the cellular provider of the SIM card used in any of the phones isn’t showing. The obvious icon on the phones’ screen are location and charging. It appears Apple is trying to reinventive the status icons on its devices.

Now that you have some information about the new changes to the phones, here is how to show battery percentage of iPhone XS Max, XS and XR.

How to Show Battery Percentage of iPhone XS Max

To show the battery percentage on iPhone XS Max and XR, all you need is the control centre of the phones. Above the numerous controls and toggles on the iPhones’ screen, you can pull down the status bar, and from there you would be able to expand the battery status and make it show as graph and percentage.

An interesting way to show battery percentage of iPhone XS Max and XR is by charging the phones. By this, you would need to plug your phone to a power source. Anytime you plug your phone to power, its percentage would automatically show up. However, this is not a lasting solution as the percentage would only display only when the phone is connected.

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Once the phone is removed from the power source, you would be back to the standard display of the phone, which only shows the graphical display of the battery.

As for the iPhone XS, things are a little different as the control centre isn’t available. However, even without the control centre, there is a way the settings can be tweaked. By default on the iPhone XS, the battery percentage has already been enabled but it is hiding in the control centre panel.

This means it is slightly difficult to see your phone’s battery percentage, but with the following tweak, you be able to know how to show battery percentage of iPhone XS.

How to Show Battery Percentage of iPhone XS

To show battery percentage of iPhone XS, tap on the right horn form the battery icon. Then swipe down to the access control centre. From there you would see the battery percentage at the top right corner of the control centre.

After that, gently swipe up to dismiss the control centre. That’s it, you have successfully confirmed the battery status of your iPhone XS.

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