How to Know Airtel Mobile Number Details from SIM Card

You are likely not to forget your Airtel number if the number is your main SIM. However, if you have an Airtel SIM as your second SIM or just bought a new Aitel SIM, you are likely to forget the number sometimes. So if you are looking for how to know Airtel mobile number details from SIM card, this post gets you cover as I will use the post to show you how to check the number.

How to Know Airtel Mobile Number Details from SIM Card

How to Check My Airtel Number Details from SIM Card

There are two ways by which you can check your number on Airtel. The first is through the use of a dedicated USSD code; the second is by sending call me back message from the number to another nearby Airtel number. Let’s take the two methods on how to check your number on Airtel, one after the other.

  • How to Know Airtel Number Details Using the Dedicated USSD Code
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This method involves using the USSD code designated for checking Airtel number details; the code is *121#, so to know your Airtel number, you would dial the code. After dialling *121#, select 1 and send; on the next prompt-up message, select 1 again and send, and your Airtel number would be displayed.

Shortcut: Instead of following the long process above, you can as well dial *121*1*#.

  • How to Check Airtel Number Details using the Airtel Call Me Back Message

This is an alternative way to checking your Airtel number. This method works based on the fact that when you send the Airtel Call Me Back SMS to someone, the person would receive the message, with your Airtel phone number following the message.

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So if you have nearby a phone with another Airtel SIM inside, you would dial *140*Number# on the phone you wanted to check the Airtel number inside. After dialling the code, the Call Me Back message would be sent to the nearby phone number, and you can then copy out your number.

That’s how to know Airtel mobile number from sim card using the dedicated USSD code and Call Me Back SMS. Both ways work, but the *121*1*# USSD code is faster.

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