How to Check Glo Tariff Plan and Know Which Plan You Are

Glo has a few tariff plan, which suits different customers depending on their calling habit. If you feel your current plan isn’t the best fit for you and want to change to another, see my comprehensive post on Glo tariff plan. However, if you had forgotten your current tariff plan, it would be good to know how to check Glo tariff plan so that you don’t migrate a plan you are currently on.

How to Check Glo Tariff Plan

This post on how to check Glo tariff plan will show you the easy way to see which of the Glo plan is active on your SIM card. You just need to dial a simple USSD code – and within seconds Glo would announce which tariff plan you are on.

How to Check Glo Tariff Plan

To know the Glo tariff plan you are currently dial #100#, and after dialling the code, you would see your current plan staring at you. Glo would send you a pop-up message that reads, “Dear customer, your profile is ‘Name of Glo Tariff Plan

If you are Glo Infinito, for example, the message would read Dear customer, your profile is Infinito.

Now that you have known how to check Glo tariff plan, you can migrate away from the plan if you feel the call rate is much. But before you migrate to another tariff plan, be sure you read the post on the latest Glo tariff plan and understand the offers of each plan.

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