Download First Touch Soccer 2017 MOD APK and Data File

Whether you are just looking for First Touch Soccer 2017 MOD APK, or FTS 2017 APK Unlimited Coins, or want to know how to download FTS 17 Uptodown APK, this post is written for you. Ever since the FTS 17 release date, the lovers of the soccer game have been enjoying it.

First Touch Soccer 2017 (FTS 2017) download FTS 17

If you haven’t joined the train of people enjoying the game, the post will take you to the train.

Note: I will be using the name First Touch Soccer 2017 MOD APKFTS 2017 APK Unlimited Coins, and FTS 17 Uptodown APK interchangeably throughout this post. The names are the same; they all stem from the main game’s name, which is just First Touch Soccer 2017 or FST 17.

Why People Love First Touch Soccer 2017 MOD APK (FTS 2017 APK Unlimited Coins)

Although there are a lot of soccer games (such as PES and FIFA), this game gains the love of the people because of its relatively small size and amazing graphics, which are almost at par with its competitors. Besides, the game is usually played in offline mode, and once you get the FTS 2017 APK Unlimited Coins (or FTS 17 Uptodown APK and data file) installed on your phone, you don’t need the internet to play the game.

Above all, the First Touch Soccer 2017 MOD APK is so addictive to the extent that if your phone’s battery is at 100% when you start the game, you may not know when your battery would reach a critical level. FTS 17 Uptodown APK would total engross you.

Below is how to download FTS 17 (A.K.A FTS 2017), the game’s features, and installation guide.

First Touch Soccer 2017 MOD APK: Features of FTS 2017 (FTS 17) APK Unlimited Coins

  • Manager Mode

With the game’s manager mode, you would be able to build your team by developing existing players; you would be able to enter the transfer market to negotiate players’ contracts, sign new players, as well as design your stadium. To design your stadium, you would be using the First Touch Soccer 2017 MOD APK stadium editor.

  • Amazing Graphics

As it has been stated in the introduction, one of the main reasons people love First Touch Soccer 2017 MOD (FTS 2017 APK Unlimited Coins) is because of its graphical display. The size of the game is at 330 MB, but that doesn’t stop it from competing graphically with PES and FIFA. The FTS 17 Uptodown APK’s players, stadia, and other animation are in HD.

  • Smooth GamePlay
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Like every game, First Touch Soccer 2017 (FTS 2017) MOD APK requires a minimum storage space to run efficiently; so far you phone meets the requirement, playing FTS 17 APK is hitch-free as the game runs smoothly. Passes, dribbles, and shots flow real-time, without any lags.

If you are a fantastic player, you would love the soccer game’s gameplay as you would be able to do a lot of what real life player could do.

  • Daily Match Challenge

After downloading and installing First Touch Soccer 2017 (FTS 2017) MOD APK, you would be given a daily match challenge, and when you win a challenge, you earn bonuses. The more the challenges you win, the more the bonuses you get!

  • Highly Reduced Game Size

At 330 MB, the size of FTS 2017 (FTS 17) Uptodown APK is ridiculously small. For PES or FIFA to get the features of the game, it would be running up to 1 GB. Therefore, the game helps you save storage space.

Now that the features of the game have been highlighted, let’s go through the games’ requirements.

First Touch Soccer 2017 (FTS 17) Unlimited Coins Requirements

To play the game on your Android phone, without any glitches, here are the requirements.

  • Android 4.0 and above
  • Minimum of 500 MB to download and successfully install the game
  • Minimum of 1 GB RAM to run the game smoothly

How to Download FTS 17 (FTS 2017): The Download Links

I have given you the imperative information you need to know about the game, and here is the section you are really interested in. This section will show you how to download FST 17 Uptodown APK and the OBB file needed to play the game.

  • Proceed to this link to download FTS 17 Uptodown APK + OBB file (Unlimited Coin)
  • Proceed to this link to download FTS 17 Mod Data file (Unlimted Coin)

After downloading the files, if you are requested to supply a password, supply fadgaming31.

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How to Download FTS 17 (FTS 2017): Installation Guide

  • Use any Android zip extractor app to unzip the downloaded files so that you can see the FTS 17 APK and OBB data file.
  • Then copy the OBB data file (named firsttouchgames.fts17) to Android OBB folder
  • Then copythe data file named (firsttouchgames.fts17) to Android Data folder
  • Finally, install the First Touch Soccer 2017 APK, and start playing

How to Download FTS 17 (FTS 2017): Language Change

Just in case you don’t like the default language that comes with the game, you can change it. To do that, tap on the gear icon, after launching the game, and a new window will open. Then tap on the game settings. Then tap on advanced settings, and you would see the language options, which you can use to switch the FTS 2017 APK Unlimited Coins to your preferred language.

Two Buts about First Touch Soccer 2017 (FTS 2017) MOD APK

By standards, FTS 17 Uptodown APK is an awesome soccer game, but it has its shortcomings. The first shortcoming is the fact that there is no multi-player mode for the game; the second is that the players’ look in the game needs improvement.

Aside from these two little buts, the game is fantastic – and you would enjoy it. If you want to update First Touch Soccer 2017, then you can consider downloading FTS 18.

Disclaimer: The First Touch Soccer 2017 (FTS 17) MOD APK file and its MOD Data are not hosted on this blog. They are hosted by a third-party website we couldn’t guarantee its security. Also, we can’t guarantee the files wouldn’t be removed in the future, too.

However, if the files are removed, let us know in the comment so that we can replace the links with working ones.

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