Download Psiphon Pro for PC [Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10]

After the incredible things Psiphon has done on Android phone, people are now looking for Psiphon Pro for PC. On the Android, people are able to use the app to tunnel browsers and the whole device to browse for free; they use it to secure their internet connection and use it to bypass internet throttling of ISPs.

Because of these reasons, almost everybody that had used the app on Android wants to download Psiphon Pro for PC. So, if you are here to know how to download Psiphon Pro for PC, this post is written for you.

Download Psiphon Pro for PC
Psiphon Pro for PC

The Psiphon Pro for PC you would get from this post works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. But before I show you how to get the app, here are its features

Features of Psiphon Pro for PC

  • Browsers and Device Tunneling 

This is the main reason Android users love the app, and as the app has done on the Android operating system by helping to tunnel browsers and the whole device, it also allows the tunneling of computer browsers and the whole computer. Therefore, with the app, you can browse and use other apps for free over the internet – provided you know a working free website of your ISP.

  • In-app Stats

As you use the Psiphon Pro for PC, you can see the statistics of the amount of data you have consumed and which app has taken the highest data.

  • Available for Personal and Commercial Use
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By default, the Psiphon Pro for PC is available for personal use. However, if you love the app and want to use it to secure the internet connection in commercial business places, it is possible. You just need to contact the developer for the commercial license.

  • Open Source Software 

The app is an open source software so if you are really interested in knowing more and tweaking the app, you can. You can get the documentation on the app through this website.

How to Download Psiphon Pro for PC

There are two ways you can download and use the app on your computer. The first method is the old way in which you would need to download the APK version of the app and then simulate it on your computer. This method doesn’t give you the real Psiphon Pro for PC.

The method was adopted prior to when the original PC version of the app was released by the developer, and it only tunnels the Android emulator that simulates the app and — not the whole computer.

The method involves downloading Bluestack, the most widely used Android emulator. You would then download the APK version of Psiphon. After installing Bluestack, you would be able to run the APK.

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The original Psiphon Pro for PC

The original Psiphon Pro for PC is now available, so you don’t really need the Android version and Bluestack again. Here is the file info of the original PC version.

  • File Name: Psiphon.exe
  • File Size:74 MB
  • Compatible Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Language: Multiple
  • Developer and Publisher: Psiphon Inc.

Proceed to this link to download the original PC version. Install the app on your computer and start enjoying the kind of goodness the app has brought to the Android operating system.

Now, you should be able to tunnel your whole computer to browse for free – provide the know your ISP free website and necessary configurations; you should be able to secure your internet connection and bypass restricted websites. As well, you should be able to use public WiFi without the fear of being tracked or your privacy been breached.

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