Apple has acquired Shazam; the app will no more show you ads

The popular app that allows you to identify a song, Shazam, has finally been bought by Apple. It was earlier announced last December that Apple is interested in buying the company for $400 million, but now all the acquisition processes have been completed.


According to Apple, to make users enjoy the app without distraction, Shazam will no longer show ads – Apple plan to totally get rid of all ads on the app as soon as possible. In the press release by Apple after the acquisition, it was stated that the app had been downloaded for over 1 billion times around the world and that on average, 20 million people download the app every day.

For those that are new to Shazam, this is the way the app works: after downloading the app on your iDevice or Android phone, hold the phone near a playing song for some seconds, and just like that the app would help find the name of the song and other information about the artiste.

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The acquisition of Shazam ought to have been completed long ago. The deal was delayed because of an investigation that the European Union conducted to scrutinized the deal over a potential antitrust issue. Now that the deal is sealed and ads would be removed on the app, the future of Shazam looks better than ever.

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