Easy Way to Access Gmail Desktop Version on Android Mobile Phone 

Accessing Gmail desktop version on Android mobile allows you do a bunch of stuff not available on the standard Gmail mobile version. For example, you would be able to attach documents and preview PDF files (without having to download them) – which are not possible on the mobile Gmail version. At the end of this post, you will know how to open Gmail desktop view on mobile devices.

The Reason Accessing Gmail Desktop Version on Android Is Difficult

In the real sense, logging into your Gmail account and performing the basics of sending, receiving, and reading emails is simple – if you have the Gmail Android app installed and set up. With the app, you can attach files and preview PDF. Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and UC Browser could also simulate the Gmail app interface and allow you do what you could have done in the app.

The problem of wanting to access Gmail desktop version on android comes when you want to perform advanced functions in your Gmail account. Or when you don’t use Gmail Android app and your preferred browser is Opera Mini, UC Mini, or other lightweight browsers.

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If you enter mail.google.com or m.gmail.com (which are the addresses to accessing Gmail) on a lightweight browser, it would redirect you to the mobile version of Gmail, which doesn’t have the option of attaching a document when you want to send an email.

Gmail Desktop Version on Android

If you don’t want to be redirected to Gmail mobile version again, follow these steps to accessing Gmail desktop view on mobile phone.

Access Gmail Desktop Version on Android Mobile

It would interest you to know that the secret of accessing Gmail desktop version on Android lies in a particular link that forces your browser to display a special Gmail desktop version. The link prevents your browser from redirecting and takes you straight to an old Gmail desktop version.

Though old in design, the Gmail desktop view on mobile provides you with the option of attaching documents when you want to send an email.

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The steps

  • Visit m.gmail.com and login
  1. After you might have successfully logged into the mobile Gmail version, tap on your address bar and copy-paste this URL: https://mail.google.com/mail/h/

The URL is the particular URL that forces Gmail desktop version on Android. Tap on Go to load the URL, and you would see the Basic HTML desktop version of Gmail now.

gmail desktop view on mobile

The basic HTML desktop version gives you access to Gmail desktop view on mobile, and you would be able to do virtually everything you would have done had it been you were logged in through a computer.

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